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Mangled Hearts (2013)

Mangled Hearts (2013)

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Mangled Hearts: Francesca and Cade (Scarred Hearts #1) is a 2014 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The first few chapters of this book had me thinking this was another New Adult novel with immature characters, crying at the drop of a hat over an old high school romance. Well, keep reading because that is not the case at all.Yes, Cade and Francesca were friends in high school. Cade could see Francesca was a really pretty girl but she had no confidence in herself and was the target of some cruel classmates from time to time due to her introverted ways. Cade was the 'bad boy' through and through and he never represented himself in any other way although Francesca saw the potential in him. Cade made sure he kept the relationship on a friendship level because he knew Francesca deserved better than him. Just when it looked like the relationship might change, a horrific turn of events separated them for nearly a decade. Through the years, Francesca has become a lawyer and is trying to take on some cases of her own with a little substance. Cade hasn't changed much at all. In fact, he is just plain unimpressive. He is in trouble again and his father has arranged for an attorney to help him out. Yes, Francesca is given his case. For the first time in many years the two will face each other. Cade has a very serious problem with alcohol since his high school days. This is why he can't hold a job and is always in trouble. His change encounter with Francesca opens up old wounds for both of them, but it also brings their feelings for one another back to the surface again. But, it doesn't matter how much they care for each other if Cade can't get a grip on his problem and get some help. So, the subject matter in this book is a serious one. The author does a good job of addressing this issue without the story becoming maudlin or preachy or a story of harrowing withdrawals. Instead the story focuses on the power of love and commitment and the amazing effect knowing you are loved can do for a person. Cade finally owns up to his drinking problem and with a chance with Francesca motivating him he starts to pull himself together. Cade makes this decision alone, goes into rehab without being nagged death and makes this difficult journey in order to be the man Francesca deserves. The book leaves us on high note, but there is more to this story coming in the next installment. Overall not a bad effort considering the subject matter. Some plot points were a little far fetched when it came to Francesca blaming Cade for something that happened in the past. I think a full report would have cleared up that misunderstanding, but still Cade does deserve some of the blame. Other than that one little complaint I thought the author did a great job with this one. 3.5 rounded to 4. I never thought I'd get affected while reading this beautiful book. On the first night that I got this book, as I lay on my bed imagining what might have happened between Francesca & Cade in the past, I knew that somehow this past will catch up on them in the future. What I learned about them just sets me crying and sobbing on my pillow. Darn, Felicia Tatum did this to me! Yes, you mad me cry to sleep after reading your book, Ms. Tatum. But don't worry, I'm not mad at you. I was just overwhelmed. The heartbreak, the reunion, Cade's drunken fit, Francesca's emotional turmoil, all these and more made this novel a very captivating read. Francesca is the Yin to Cade's Yang, that's how I see them. They really fit together. I couldn't wait to read the next story.

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