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Masterpiece (2008)

Masterpiece (2008)

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0805082700 (ISBN13: 9780805082708)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

About book Masterpiece (2008)

Masterpeice is a very well writen book and surprisingly didn't bore me even with this odd plot point since the whole book is bacicly centered around a cricket. It was written so you can picture clearly what the cricket could see, what challanges he had to face, what friends he made, etc. so read it for yourself! I for one found it a very quick read as well as a well writen book with intresting characters. This YA Fantasy book was a pleasant surprise. I was immediately engaged in the first chapter which was titled "Family Emergency". This book is about a family of beetles who live in a wall in the Pompaday's apartment. Marvin, a beetle, begins a friendship with the Pompaday's son James. I love how the story starts out very innocent with a beetle and his family just watching the day to day activities of the humans whose apartment they live in. Then to my surprise it turns into an adventure and mystery art heist. I think Broach does a good job keeping the reader engaged.

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I thought it was very clever and suspenseful, and I learned a lot about Durer drawings and beetles.

We had some pretty great discussions during this one.

Read this as a family. Well done.

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