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Messa In Moto: Terreno Pericoloso 5 (2014)

Messa in moto: Terreno Pericoloso 5 (2014)

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About book Messa In Moto: Terreno Pericoloso 5 (2014)

osh Lanyon is a fantastic writer so anything he writes will be great. As this was. I forgot how much I like Will and Taylor, it made me want to go read the other books again. I've forgotten most of their story.... This one is not particularly exciting, it felt more like a beginning to a story. More about the internal drama of Will and Taylor figuring out themselves as a couple, and dealing with Will's family. A nice break in Oregon for some family drama, but no real action. It didn't move their story forward much, other than setting them up financially for the next book. I'm not disappointed exactly, I enjoyed it, but there wasn't a lot of meat to it. Good, but not a great plot.If you've read the other books you need to read this one, but I'm looking forward to the next more! Blurb: Will and Taylor have left the Diplomatic Services and are starting their own security consultancy, but it isn't all caviar and champagne starting a new business, becoming business partners, and life partners. Throw family dynamics into mix as well and you have a great set up for the next chapter in our dynamic duo's new life. What I enjoy about a Josh Lanyon story is his ability to actually write a story and not rely on gimmicks like frequent action sequences, gratuitous sex, or continual emotional torment of the main characters (he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…ad nauseam). While reading "Kick Start," what becomes clear, is this is the laying of a foundation or bridge to the next stage in Will and Taylor's life. I loved how Will and Taylor begin to really understand their personal boundaries in context of their relationship – the understanding that here be our end if they do not respect each others emotional limit. In "Kick Start" we get a glimpse of Will and Taylor's families and what helped form their adult characters – I absolutely loved Will's father - he's the rock of the family and steady influence whose guidance allows him to grow into the man he is with Taylor. I thought it was an absolutely realistic choice to have the younger brother react in a less than favorable light. Grant idolizes his older brother; however, his core beliefs and assumptions about him are suddenly shaken. It didn't make him a bad guy – it made him young and less mature as I would expect from a young man in his twenties. It adds nuance and complexity into the story and gives Taylor an opportunity reach out to him as well. I think "Kick Start" is as the title suggests - the launching of the next phase of Will and Taylor's career and bond as partners and lovers. My criticism is also my greed for more…yes, I would love a longer story, but it doesn’t mean this story is incomplete or lacking - I’m just greedy for more from my favorite author. (4.5 stars)

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Incredible scent of adventure, adrenaline and sex throughout the whole DG series

sono troppo teneri questi due!

Quite a disappointment.

Loved it.

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