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My Life In Pink & Green (2009)

My Life in Pink & Green (2009)

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0810983524 (ISBN13: 9780810983526)
Harry N. Abrams

About book My Life In Pink & Green (2009)

This book was ok, but it did have a lot of interesting things happen throughout the story.The main character in this book, Lucy, decides she is going to make her family drugstore a big hit. That is just what she does. She even helps the local homecoming queen in a horrible makeup situation. But her mom and grandma won’t listen to her ideas! Will Lucy be able to save her family drugstore? This book is very interesting. If you like to read realistic fiction then you will love this book. My Life in Pink & Green is about a girl named Lucy and she is living with her mom and siblings. Her mom and grandma own a drugstore and business is not looking so hot right now. Until homecoming queen shows up with a beauty disaster... If you would like to find out more you can read the book My Life in Pink & Green.

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It was a good book but I can see other people not liking it.

Very sweet story, something to read just for fun.

i love this book so much

really funny


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