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Naomi's Gift: An Amish Christmas Story (2011)

Naomi's Gift: An Amish Christmas Story (2011)

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0310327350 (ISBN13: 9780310327356)

About book Naomi's Gift: An Amish Christmas Story (2011)

This story keep my interest but it did not take my heart to want to a point where I was wanting to know to What going to happen next. I will say this it is good read and a Christmas story to itself. I hope it was meant to stand alone. Just my thought because I liked does not meant it will be for you it up to you to decide.In the beginning of the story, Caleb and his daughter Susie (Susan) are coming to visit Caleb family. Susie want to stop at the market to get a pie or something to take to her Aunt Sadie's place. They stop in the farmer market. Susie run to a quilt stand and starts talking to Naomi King.The Kauffmans are some what talked about though out the book. Though most of the story is around Caleb, Susie and Naomi along with a snip of Kaffuman family. It centered around the Christmas season. You see Caleb's sister side of the story as well and try to match her brother up with Irene Wranger. I was transfixed by this novella. Read it in one sitting as a matter of fact. My poor dog missed another walk on account of a good book. I have to stop doing that or both our waistlines will suffer! Clipston weaves a tight plot line with surprising depth and characterization that makes this a rewarding read. Her pacing is impeccable, nothing drags, rather each scene builds seamlessly to the climax. I think it's more difficult to write a really good short novel but Clipston has certainly mastered the art. I felt as satisfied as if I'd just finished an epic Amish trilogy. Speaking of which -- readers who have read The Kauffmann Bakery Series will be excited to catch glimpses of old friends. I haven't read the series (but certainly will now!) but didn't feel anything lacked in "Naomi's Gift" because of that. A lovely Christmas read that captures the essence of the season.

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Sweet read...made me tear up at the end (happy tears). I wish I could be as lucky as Naomi.

What a wonderful Christmas story from a blossoming writer!

This book was a good, one day read.

Delightful Christmas story.

Cute and a very quick read

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