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New Kid (2014)

New Kid (2014)
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New Kid (2014)
New Kid (2014)

About book: New kid is about Tommy Rust. He moves all the time because of his dad. Its starts out, Tommy's up to bat in the bottom of the 9th inning. He swing's on a curve KRACK its deep,down right field. Is it fair is it foul, the ump has the call FOUL BALL. Tommy was so mad, before he even got the next pitch his dad come out onto the field, and say's "C'mon Tommy its time to go". Tommy knew better than to respond. They traveled for thousands of miles, Tommy fell asleep. When he woke up, in shock to me. Tommy's father said, "What you want to change your name to. Tommy says, " Brock Nickerson". Brock had his first day of school, and he was already getting in trouble. He met this kid named Nigel. Hes not a great influence. They became friends. The P.E. teacher was a really grumpy person. When Nigel and Brock started fighting on the first day of school, they got sent to the office. Well Nigel thought since he ripped his shirt that, him and Brock would stop by his house. Well Brock was suspended for 2 days, and Nigel a week. So Nigel thought that well lets get back at that old man. Each of them had 2 rocks. The counted down 3 2 1 Brock threw the ball it hit the window and BOOM!!!!!!!! Like a gun shot it shattered. He was only trying to scare them not brake the window. While Nigel got away Brock didn't. So Brock got in trouble, but the cops were not called. He wanted to make a deal. He said,"If you Play on my baseball team i'll let you go". Brock said he'd have to talk to his dad. Well all went over , and Brocks dad talked to the coach and Brock got on the team. The first game didn't go well he gave up 6 runs in the first inning , and got pulled . The second game if felt sorry for himself and didn't even want to play so he stayed on the bus. The Third game of course hid dad comes out and says, "Its time to go". Brock says wait, brock bombs pone right out of the park. Then he takes his glove and leaves with his dad. Brock's dad tells him that he works for the FBI, that he is a good guy. They stop right in front of coaches house and his dad says," Do you want to stay and live here". Brock says," No dad being the new kid is better than not seeing you". Tommy Rust a/k/a Brock Nickerson is moving to a new town again. This time he has left Oklahoma and is now in New York with his dad who appears to be running from something. Brock has to go to a new school and make new friends. He decides to play baseball again. The coach sees a lot of potential in his arm as a pitcher. This is a good book showing the relationship between Brock and his coach. You learn a lot about what the coach has gone through in his life and how he has turned to alcohol to try and cope.Some editing mistakes. It is now the Los Angeles Angels not the California Angels. And the worst: It is "Red Sox" not "Red Socks".Good read for younger boys. Even us old guys will enjoy it.
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This was a good book and I suggest you read it
Did not like Brock's dad. Ever.
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