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Nichts Ist So Perfekt Wie Das Leben (2012)

Nichts ist so perfekt wie das Leben (2012)

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About book Nichts Ist So Perfekt Wie Das Leben (2012)

I would recommend this book to high school females. I say that because there is some swear words and the whole story the book is based upon, is very deep. The book also shows how family should always stick together and how some people aren't always who you thought they were/are. I really enjoyed this book because it was a very real scenario, and it showed how real people would deal with a situation as intense as this one. It also showed that in life things will change, some for the better and some for the worst; and that the people who always stick by you are the people you need in your life. In the beginning of the book you meet Summer, her parents, and her sister Shannon; but you find out that Summer never met Shannon because she died in a car accident. You also find out that the only reason that Summer is here, is because Shannon died. In everyone's eyes Shannon was the "perfect" daughter. To Summer, she will never compare to Shannon; she'll never be good enough, smart enough, nice enough, etc. In school Shannon was taking a lot of hard classes, whereas Summer was not even close. Also the only person Summer can talk to is her friend, Gibson or Gibs. During the summer before Summer's senior year of high school, Summer's mother made her work at her Aunt Nic's flower shop. One of the first days of work, Aunt Nic gave Summer Shannon's journal. Shannon wrote this journal the summer that she died, which was the summer before her senior year. Right when Summer got the journal she didn't know what she was going to do with it, so she called up Gibs. Gibs told her to read it so she could get to know her sister. While she had this, her parents didn't know, they didn't even know that Shannon had written it. In the journal, Summer finds out that Shannon wasn't exactly the daughter that she thought she was. During this summer, Shannon started rebelling; she stopped hanging out with her best friend Eve, become friends with Jamie, and started dating a bad boy, Chris. While she thought her life was great, her mom made her go to a therapist. Shannon didn't think it was helping, until her last session when she could just be herself and truly be happy. Everyday Summer would read an entry, and it got to be difficult because now she actually was getting to know the sister she never got to meet. After every entry she read, she would call Gibs to be comforted since she couldn't talk to her parents. When fourth of July came close, Gibs asked Summer to go to his family's beach house with them; and she said yes. When they were at the beach house, Gibs confessed his love for Summer and after that they started dating. When they got home, Summer finished the journal with Gibs. After finishing the journal she met with the people that meant the most to Shannon. Summer met Eve, Chris, and one of her favorite teachers. And the book ended with Summer starting the day of the anniversary of Shannon's death. I love finding little gems like this one hidden in the library shelves. I have a very unique and close relationship with my own sister, so Summer and Shannon's "relationship" intrigued me from the beginning.The only thing I didn't much appreciate about this book was the language the author added in. I hear enough of that at work and school...don't much want it in the books I read. But the story line kept me from returning it unfinished. Adding this one to my favorites shelf for sure.

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Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! Such a good book. One that everyone should read!

It was good and a cool story! It kept me up all night! -.-

Great book! Engaging enough to read in one sitting.

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