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O Clube Do Adultério (2009)

O Clube do Adultério (2009)

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About book O Clube Do Adultério (2009)

Um livro sobre um triângulo amoroso, um casal aparentemente feliz e uma colega de trabalho que vem demonstrar que essa felicidade afinal não é tão certa quanto isso. Mostra também a outra face do estado "amante" (não posso contar muito mais para quem o quiser ler e não quiser saber o fim).Gostei bastante, apesar de achar o final muito forçado.A book about a love triangle, an apparently happy couple an a co-worker who is demonstrating that that happiness, after all, isn't that certain. It shows also the other side of the "lover" condition (can´t tell much more because of spoilers).I liked it even though I thought the ending was very forced. Tess Stimson is such a talented writer. She knows how to write in such a way that has you hanging on the edge of your seat throughout.I particularly love how she gives you such clarity into each character by letting each character have a chance to tell their side of the store through the entire book.This book reminds you of the consequences of adultery, and even though you may not end up with a boiled rabbit, it's still just not good for anyone involved.

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Mairi, Di and I read it for our attempt at a book club. No one was really enamoured!

The perils of a husband, wife... and mistress.

Chic Lit easy to read good story.

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