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O Inescrito, Vol. 2: O Informante (2013)

O Inescrito, Vol. 2: O Informante (2013)

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About book O Inescrito, Vol. 2: O Informante (2013)

Well I have completed Volume 2 of my graphic novel experiment. I am still waiting for the story to kick in. Patience....In "Inside Man" Tom Taylor ends up in prison at Villa Diodati in Geneva, Switzerland. There he meets Savoy, a prisoner who is on assignment as a reporter to cover Tom. Lizzie Hexam, his stalker, also gets herself thrown into prison.After escaping the gang ends up in Strutgart, Germany face to face with Joseph Goebbels. The gang uses the magical doorknob to transport to new areas.The last section is again bizzare. This one dealing with an obnoxious rabbitt who appears to be out of Winnie the Pooh's 1,000 acre woods story. Bits and pieces click but still waiting.... I like this volume better then the first one. Things are becausming more clear. I noticed it has a lot of similarities with Fables, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and even Promethea with the whole fictional character as reality thing. I really enjoyed the Mr. Bun issue the best so far. Found it funny in a dark twisted way. Mainly picked up this issue to understand it better for the Fables crossover.

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Yes yes yes yes yes. More. I need more.

The story picked up more speed.

This is so wierd. I love it.

Great series....

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