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Of Blood And Bone (2012)

Of Blood and Bone (2012)

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0615702724 (ISBN13: 9780615702728)
Lakehouse Press

About book Of Blood And Bone (2012)

At first i thought this was a supernatural book with like a killer were - wolf/man on the loose. So i go back to the summary and it's suppose to do something with science. uhmmm ok? so i'm in my little car reading along. I like the constant perspectives in the book, it gives a view on everything. It's a mystery basically. What is causing the 'monster of the Minaldi Men' the answer is a 'curse'. Yes a 'curse' HOW IMMATURE ARE YOU! A CURSE?!?! IS THAT THE BEST YOU FREAKING GOT? and then the girl, no she does not get the term woman cuz she is immature. Yes because if you use science to explain everything in the freaking world except the obvious.Summary: Eva, a physiological doctor, comes to a small island to help finish her thesis and studies. Where she meets Luca Minaldi. Killer at night, and normal during the day. and yea. click and passion PSKSDFLKJSPFFTT. done. oh and there's a demented mother who tries to kill herself and is really mean to her son. sadness Well when I started reading this book I didn't really have a clear take on what genre the storyline was going to fall into but the synopsis had me intrigued so I bought it. I started reading it and at the beginning the initial setup and book atmosphere had me leaning towards the supernatural and I thought that maybe it would end up having some kind of paranormal element in it. Total surprise, it did not. Very well written suspenseful adult romance. Which I admit I enjoyed very much. Loved Luca. Had my suspicions about Adrian very early in the book. Way too underhanded and overly contriving with his overdeveloped charm and sugary demeanor. Also liked the heroine of the story Dr. Evangeline or Eva. Her character was believable and well developed. Now to wait on book two. Didn't realize when I bought the book that it was going to be a series. And the waiting begins.

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Loved this, Luca is as the synopsis says - "mesmerising" excellent story, look forward to more!

It was good story, amazing twist, and good writing =) Worth spending the time to read it.

Interesting. Not deep, but a good beach read, I guess.

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