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Officer Says "I Do," The (2012)

Officer Says

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About book Officer Says "I Do," The (2012)

I received an e-galley of THE OFFICER SAYS I DO from NetGalley for an honest review. This is a great military romance with a touch of something different. Skye and Tim are well-written characters that were so easy to fall in love with. Jeannette uses a common theme with a Las Vegas trip ending in something neither character expected...marriage. But there's a small twist, that I won't spoil, but it added just enough of a surprise I had to know how things would work out. Skye is not the type of person I would normally expect to see in Vegas. She grew up in a commune with her parents and lived a pretty open lifestyle. She likes free-flowing clothes and keeping things easy going, low stress. A very free spirit, but not to the point that you want to roll your eyes. I liked how she balanced out the very straight-laced Captain Timothy O'Shay. This couple is the perfect example of opposites attract. Captain O'Shay is pretty much blind to how much he needs Skye around the house until she's gone. The fact that he didn't hesitate, once he opened his eyes, to get her back was just icing on the cake for this already amazing guy. He's family oriented, loyal to his friends, and compassionate. O'Shay sticks to his morals and is not afraid to stand up to someone when they are wrong, or admit when he screws up. Really, I could go on all day about how great he is. Tim's sister, Madison, is a great addition to this story. She brings humor to the book that only added to the already enjoyable read. I can't wait for her story. Overall, I loved this book. It's a must read for sure! Can you make a mistake and miss your fate? - Sarah Jessica ParkerSkye has a firm belief in Fate. This free spirit jumped heart first when drunken Tim asked her to marry him during a weekend in Vegas. Even though Tim left her the following morning, Skye followed him back to California where he was stationed in the Marines. Rather than think that she made a mistake, Skye embraces the opportunity laid before her.Marine brat turned Marine Officer, Tim is pleasantly surprised to find his bride on his doorstep. When Skye asks him to give fate a chance, he tosses aside his lifelong reserve. But Skye places one condition - no sex until they know each other.Jeannette Murray offers a lighthearted story of "what if" between polar opposites. I was skeptical that an impulsive marriage, one influenced by alcohol, could actually work. But Murray delivers a sweet chronicle of a couple taking a step back to "date" each other. The "no sex" rule serves its purpose - Skye and Tim learn about the other as their attraction grows. Like a hunter stalking his prey, Tim is patient, slowly creeping up on Skye. Tender kisses turn to tempting foreplay, giving way to passionate union in body and spirit. Skye embraces life in the military while Tim appreciates the breath of fresh air that follows Skye.Murray gives readers an inside look at military life although I thought the Colonel and his wife were a bit cliché. Still, it is apparent that Murray writes from personal experience. I salute her for sharing the rewards and challenges in the Armed Forces.

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Loved this one. Can't wait to read the next in the series.

12/2/12.....$.99 on Amazon (from $6.99)

Had a dominating male character

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