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One Black Rose (2000)

One Black Rose (2000)

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Autumn is the perfect name for the main character of this book. I really like how throughout the story Autumn has kept being herself & doing what she wanted to do even though the easy path was deny her feelings & do what others wanted her to. Autumn is stronger than she realizes. In the beginning of the story Autumn does not see it. She is worried about her parents marriage & now the 2 boys fighting over her. But Autumn becomes aware of her strength as the story progresses. I am not in love with Carely. She seems very self envolved & that the world needs to revolve around her. She is jealous that 2 boys are interested in her friend & not her when she should be happy for Autumn instead of saying "why not me". I think that is how Maddy Edwards wants us to feel about Carely. Nick is a puppy dog, but you love him anyway. Nick is hopelessly in love with Carely but Carely does not see it. I think that Carely has feelings for him as well but does not want to admit them. Nick & Carely are not ready for that kind of relationship just yet so friends it is for now.***Spolier Alert***Holt the Summer Fairy Prince - I love him & want Autumn to be with him not just because he is sweet, strong & caring but because his family is as well. I would think of the Summer prince as a Light Fae if you read other Fae stories.Samuel the Winter Fairy Prince - Like him more towards the end of the story. I would think of the Winter prince as a Dark fae or maybe a nuteral fae. You dislike his family even though you like Samuel & feel that if his family would just leave Autumn, Holt & Samuel alone that what is supposed to be will be. Samuel's family making threats to Autumn for seeing Holt just tells you that they are scared & feel threatened themselves. Perhaps scared that Autumn might choose to be with Holt over Samuel. Which makes you wonder is Autumn really destined for Samuel? Or because Autumn feels an attraction towards both Holt & Samuel that maybe destiny is not really written yet & there is a choice. I like to think that Autumn's path is not written & she will be able to choose without the interaction of either families. I doubt this will be the case.I will be purchasing the 2nd book to continue Autumn's story & see what will happen next with the 2 princes. I truly did enjoy her other series but this be feels a little forced. To be honest this isn't a three but a 2.5 it doesn't really make that much sense. I mean it does and it doesn't. I will continue with the series in hopes it does more however if it were longer with a better explanation. Samuel I mean I did not get that "shocking" feeling that the description indicated happened between them. Blen

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I did not like the ending i am hoping there is another book to finish?

Was I mistaken when I understood Holt to be 22 and Autumn is16??

Review to come.

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