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Pack Rogue (2011)

Pack Rogue (2011)

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Another enjoyable book in this series. I loved Austin! His longing for a mate, his need for Kiley as soon as he sees her, his desire for her to want him as he wants her... I just loved him. He was protective and tender. I did like Kiley but I wouldn't exactly call her a rogue wolf. I would have liked if the author wrote a book about a rogue wolf who really is rogue and not tied to any pack whatsoever because although Kiley lives alone, she still has ties within the Pack. I did like that there was a bit of unsolved mystery in this one and that the plot will follow on through to the next book.I wonder if Ginger will get a book because I'd really like her to find her mate. But I'm looking forward to Gray's book next up. A continuation of the Were Chronicles and brings back several characters that were first encountered in the other three stories. My biggest complaint: Chrissy Smith is such a darn good writer and I love all her writing but she is stuck in these novellas. Break out, girl. Give us a meaty, full-length novel that can really showcase your writing. Once again also highlights the plight of the "rogue" wolf-shifter who has a loose relationship with the area's pack but who has been abused by a former Alpha and is hampered from moving toward wholeness and a healthy mate relationship because of those experiences. Very good read but once again, just way too short.

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Ok one question. What the hell was up with that ending? As in, there wasn't one.

Love this series, i do hope there will be some more :)

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