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Perfect For You (2012)

Perfect for You (2012)

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Kate Perry

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★★★✩✩ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Xe Sands gives us a lovely narration. Good differentiation between characters and I liked her pacing and inflection. I was enjoying this lighthearted book until - bamb - a bit of a double standard occurred. In any book, if the hero did what Freya did, I think the readers wouldn't forgive him.Still, I'll go on with the series. I wasn't sure about this book after reading the reviews but it was a quick and easy read and was enjoyable.I liked the main characters. I liked freya, and don't think she was selfish I think she was running scared from Greg and her feelings for him.I understand what people are saying you can't tar all lawyers with the same brush, but the way I see it if you have a phobia (hers being lawyers) you can't tell the difference from one to the other their all the same

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No puedo darle más estrellas por el problema de edición que tiene ... Es una pena.

Easy read, loved the passion between the characters. Would I recommend - yes.

Decent quick listen. just meh


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