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Point Of Retreat (2000)

Point of Retreat (2000)
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Point Of Retreat (2000)
Point Of Retreat (2000)

About book: I have to be honest, I was really disappointed by this book. I loved the first one so much, so naturally I was super excited about a sequel, but this one just did nothing for me. I read some comments about Lake being a spoilt brat, after reading the first one, but I liked her nonetheless, but in this book she was just plain annoying to me, and it made me wonder if Will didn't deserve better ... I'm giving this book a three stars only because of Will, I still adore Will, and only for him I'll try to give the third book a shot. Hopefully I won't be let down like with this one. Okay, I have to say that Slammed was much, much better than this one. Having said that, Point Of Retreat wasn't bad either but it was so cliche that a tiny part of me wanted to close this book without completing it. But I kept on reading it and it eventually got better but when it seemed that all was fine in the world? The king of cliches happened! The plot of this book wasn't strong but the characters were something else! They made up for everything that I didn't like about this book. Overall? I recommend it to those of you who want to step away from the troubles of their real lives and enjoy a nice reading experience. :)
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It was nice reading a book from the guys point of view, I defiantly enjoyed it
¡Colleen! Loquilla, loquilla del mal xd
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