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Present Perfect (2013)

Present Perfect (2013)

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Alison G. Bailey

About book Present Perfect (2013)

Disclaimer: DNF (Stopped at 43%).I started reading this book after receiving recommendations from a few friends who have very similar taste to mine, and I was excited because I knew these friends like sassy, snarky heroines like I do. Well...the book was a real meh. And that's an understatement.I didn't get the relationship between Amanda and Noah at all. Noah was written like he had no alpha-male bone in his body, and Amanda was very difficult to relate to (she was really insecure and kept banging on about how ugly she is even though hot guys chased after her throughout the book).After reading my fair share of romance/YA books, I know a lot of the scenes repeat themselves in books, but every book has a new angle to offer. Well, usually. With Present Perfect, it just felt like I was re-reading a bunch of things I have already seen and heard of in other books. I'm sorry I'm being so harsh with this book, I guess I wouldn't have been if I didn't have such high expectations to begin with. It's not actually a bad read, it's just a pretty boring one. This book has been in my recommendations list for some time but I didn't feel like reading it because of the cover. *smacks myself in the head*So somehow I decided to give it a try, without much expectation and KIGVKKHEWIQL5 present perfect stars!!!One of the best books I have ever read and I plan to relive the journey again. And what a book to end my reading challenge! I want a Noah!

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Wow. Wasn't expecting those twists and turns and the finish absolutely threw me. Brilliant

ugh so many amazing reviews and this was a total DNF for me....I need to retry this later.

One word describes this story. Beautiful! Go read it. You will not be disappointed.

Just can't get into this one. She seems to be pushing love away with both hands.

Beautiful story of love, life, and self acceptance. it was a fantastic read.

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