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Promise, ¿crees En Los Milagros? (2012)

Promise, ¿crees en los milagros? (2012)

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842464154X (ISBN13: 9788424641542)
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About book Promise, ¿crees En Los Milagros? (2012)

It was a great read. To begin with it was a little hard to get into it, I admit, but I'd heard such great things I was determined to keep going. As it progressed I just fell in love with the characters, which were incredibly well written. I found myself deeply involved with their lives, feeling every emotion as if it were my own - a fact solely down to the incredible writing of believable characters. The plot flowed well and yes, at points, you could guess what was going to happen next, but that didn't detract from the storyline as it does in most books, and was well handled - I can take a little predictability in moderation. I recommend it - it's a book that really makes you question your outlook on life. I didn't expect much from this book but it was amazing. The story taught me about living in the present and was amazing to read. I would love if this was turned into a movie. The experiences cam gets to live through are amazing and I will re read this book. Words don't explain how much I love it. I just couldn't put it down because of how entertaining it was. I easily connected to Cam but also learned from the experiences she had.

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One thing is for sure, I needed a pint of icecream after I finished reading. It. Was. Beautiful.

Note to self: stop reading books about cancer.

Did not finish.

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