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Quando O Teu Coração Parou (2014)

Quando o teu Coração Parou (2014)

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About book Quando O Teu Coração Parou (2014)

What a wonderful book! I can't wait to read the other book that she wrote. In this novel Michael and Julia have rose out of the poverty of their childhoods and become successful people in the world. Michael created his own beverage company and owns a pro basketball team, while Julia is a well-known party planner and they have millions. They were high school sweethearts and married. Yes, since they have become rich and famous they don't see each other much, oh and there was that little affair that Michael had, but other than that they lead busy lives. This all comes to a crashing halt when Michael's heart stops for four minutes and he has to be revived by a CPR. What will become of their marriage? Michael is a different person after this experience; is this a good or a bad thing. This is a must read book in my mind! Beautifully written book. It had a better ending than I was hoping for. I always love happy endings... and this was one bittersweet ending. I started to suspect how it would end towards the middle of the book. It was so well done.I CRIED!!! Yes... I had no idea that I would feel such sadness. Michael was a wonderful man and it was sad to read him dying and Julie all alone. And even with the final few pages and the extra bit of happiness with the sweet surprise I felt happy tears.Excellent book. Really brought out my emotions.

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You will need tissues. Without a doubt, lots of tissues.

I wanted to fall in low

Chic lit but good

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