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Sarai (2012)

Sarai (2012)
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Sarai (2012)
Sarai (2012)

About book: Fictionalized biography of Sarai, wife of Abraham. Portrays her as having a shaky faith and being influenced by Lot's wife to pray to false gods. Does a good job of filling in the gaps in the story in the Bible. Shows both Abram and Sarai as people who believe God but struggle with putting their belief into action in real, challenging circumstances — Sarai with God's promise of a son; Abraham in his struggle with trusting God for a son, for protection, to fulfill his promise of a land. I dare say that almost everyone would have similar questions, which is why Ms. Smith's characters are so real. Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs, #1) by Jill Eileen Smith is one of the best old Testament based upon novels that I have ever read. Sarai, is married to Abraham as in the old Bible story, and unfortunately is barren. According to Jewish law, because of this Abraham can divorce her or take another bride, but is so in love with his current wife that he does not seem to mind the fact that he has no heir. But this glaring fact preys upon Sarai's aggravated mind and she sends her servant, Hagar, into Abraham's arms hoping to have Hagar surrogate a child for her. When Ishmael is born from Hagar's body, all hell breaks loose when Sarai decides that the boy is too rebellious and is stealing Abraham's affection. While based on the Bible story, Smith takes some leeway with it while creating various items of Sarai's life. However, she portrays it in such a manner that it is absolutely flawless the way the information is connected together. Her writing style and method of writing is a joy to read and in fact is one of the less tedious Bible books I have ever read. Absolutely and enjoyable read.I would recommend this book to any of my female friends who enjoy a good love story with some jealous rivalries exhibited in this book. However, the content is entirely appropriate, but some of the scenes are a bit odd to read, but perhaps that is just my outlook of the novel. Read this good book..
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Great book gives good insight into ancient Jewish life.
loved it Jill did a great job live her books
Lil Luscious
3.5 actually.
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