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Schattentanz (2000)

Schattentanz (2000)

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For those of you who have not yet discovered author Erin Kellison, I seriously suggest you do so. Put her name on that list of must read authors.. get to know her because this woman writes a wicked story!!I first had the privilege of reading Ms. Kellison's Soul Kissed and fell unquestionably in love. And then I found out there was so much more to the series.. Shadow Fall is actually book two in the Shadow Series.. I haven't been able to get my hands on book one yet but I will do so and soon. In Shadow fall we find two people who are literally willing to die for those they love. But struggle to realize that sometimes it's more important to live for them! Honor, integrity, loyalty, it's all in there!Custo Santovari died for his beliefs, he was determined to protect his friend and boss. Determined to give humanity it's best chance against the Wraiths (humans who chose immortality only they had to suck other humans dry to feed, and I don't mean blood). Because he felt Adam's life was more important and his beautiful wife Talia's life (more precious) Custo refused to succumb and died at a traitors hands. Only to find out that somehow he had made it to heaven... so not what he expected. But Custo needed to return to earth.. he had information that Adam needed, turning his back on the angels and their true mission (something he wasn't even aware of) Custo managed to find a way back.. Only what was moments, maybe days in heaven were two long years here on earth.Annabella dreams of the dance. Has spent her entire life working towards becoming a prima ballerina to her dancing is magic.. literally. When Annabella finally gets her chance to become the principal in Giselle, she discovers a strange wolf stalking her. A Wolf only she can see.. that is until a strange man literally appears out of the shadows, bringing the wolf to earth with him. From that moment on Annabella's life will never be the same. A story fraught with mythos and magic, angels and demons, good and evil, Ms Kellison delights us over and over again with the promise of forever. A tempting tease about just how long love can last. And just when you think it is over.. you discover just how far you can go for those you love!!An absolutely fabulous story!! I can not wait to get my hands on more of Ms Kellison's work!!ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Shadow Fall, provided by netgalley 3.5 starsThis book picks up with Custo who was killed in the first book. He is now an angel and is looking to get back to earth to warn his best friend Adam there is still a traitor in their midst at the Segue Institute. He tricks Shadowman (death) into a trade that allows him to fall to earth. En route, he comes across a ballerina, Annabella, who he immediately finds himself drawn to her. He is not the only one, as a wolf from the Shadow Lands crossed over with Custo and immediately wants Annabella. What ensues is Custo protecting Annabella from the Wolf while trying to help his best friend Adam uncover the traitor at the Segue Institute.Custo and Annabella’s story had too much sex/romance, the supernatural aspect was weird for me in this book, and there was not enough action. I didn’t particularly care for the explanation of the Wolf and his storyline other than terrorizing Annabella. Also, Annabella has a gift and is special but I don’t think that was fully explained as I am still not certain on what it is she can do other than bridge the Shadow Lands with earth (maybe that is it?). What I like about this author as I said in my previous review is her excellent mix of romance, action, mystery and supernatural. This book had all of those but it wasn’t as well balanced in my opinion. Overall, it was a bigger disappointment than her first book but it still made for a good read. I believe there is a third book in the series, ShadowMan, which I intend to read and hope the author goes back to her original roots with her first book in this set.

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