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Shadow And Bone (2012)

Shadow and Bone (2012)
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0805094598 (ISBN13: 9780805094596)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
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Shadow And Bone (2012)
Shadow And Bone (2012)

About book: Throughout this read, I was just torn. There were a handful of times I loathed that I'm reading something being TOLD and not SHOWN. I was in frequent battle with visualizing a scene to life in my head – but maybe it's a flaw in my imagination. So it was a love-hate kind of ride. First, I didn't come to like Alina. She had seemed to act more a damsel in distress than the heroine that she should be. Maybe it's the fact that she's an orphan, I don't really know. But I sort of hoped the military training and the hard life should have at least ingrained more...steadfastness in her. But that changed as she herself evolved into the role she truly is to play and once the change started, the thrill just grew with it. Her bleak backstory just didn't get far under my skin.The Darkling had me wary since the beginning. His timing were always just off except with the encounter with the Fjerdans. I didn't come to love him either although I'd have to admit that the thought of him having a beautiful face and such power almost had me denying myself. Mal, however... I was rooting for him from page one. I clung to all hopes that he and Alina would just BE. I guess I could say he was the character that kept me turning the page.But don't get me wrong. I loved the concept of the story. It felt kind of refreshing to have a taste of Russian. The Fold was just as interesting a plot twist as anything I've read. And how I loved that their designations were coded by the color and trimmings of their keftas! In a nutshell, it's still been quite the ride and I can't wait for the motion picture! Brilliant world building and likeable characters. It did however take me a little bit to get into it as it was a bit all over the place and a tad confusing at the beginnin. A quarter bit into it though, I was hooked with the creativity the author had put into the story. Plenty of twists and turns and fabulous character development. On many occasions I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't want to put it down. I look forward to reading the next installment.
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It was better the second time around. Loved, loved, loved the world!
Great book-looking forward to book 2
4.5 stars //
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