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Shuttered Affections (2013)

Shuttered Affections (2013)

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About book Shuttered Affections (2013)

I feel I wasted time with this read and wish I could get that time back.This story started off interesting and I enjoyed the interactions between Aiden and Julia in the beginning. I really hated when he started calling her angel, it was super cheesy and 'angel mine' is just stupid. However, I chose to ignore it and continued on with the story. I liked the chemistry of Aiden and Julia and the fact that he was her professor gave it that forbidden aspect which I didn't absolutely hate.I liked the storyline I didn't feel that it was executed very well. A lot of it was super cheesy and kind of hard to look past. I hated the ending. I hated that Aiden 'loved' her but apparently wanted to share her with his brother. He seemed to be territorial but at the end you are left confused and are hoping that it isnt what you think it's going to be.The part of abusive past was easy to overlook because it didn't even show through in her personality like it would in real life. It was just poorly written. I went into it thinking it was going to be this interesting forbidden affair but it ended up turning into something completely different. 4.5 Star Rating Julia has turned her life around. She left her abusive boyfriend Rob, and she and her best friend, Sid, have started new lives in a new town and she's happy. Running late for her college photography class, Julia faces the most gorgeous man she's ever seen. Aiden Stone is her new teacher and the man is sex on legs. Julia is immediately drawn to him and its obvious the feelings are mutual. But nothing that's worth having is easy.Aiden could lose his job and Julia's reputation could be damaged. Aiden also has a secret he needs to tell Julia and he's not sure how to tell her. But Julia has her own secret. Before she has a chance to get close enough to tell Aiden, her past has come after her. Rob's found her and he wants back what he believes is his.As Aiden and Julia get closer, so does her past. But Aiden will do anything for his Angel to keep her safe and prove he's falling for her. Even though they know they should stay apart, they can't. Their chemistry and attraction is too strong. And hot! Not to mention Aiden has a sexy identical twin Coda, who he's shared everything with since he was a young child. It's getting good. Book 2 in the series, Exposed Affections, is available now and it's the conclusion of their story. So no waiting for a new release!Great Book. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Main guy talks like a 60 year old predator. And that is enough to keep me from finishing this.

holy shit !! do i think wat i think is realy wats gonna happen...holy mother of god..

Good book not sure if I will finish the series though

Is a great book to read

Review to come!

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