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Some Kind Of Magic (2011)

Some Kind of Magic (2011)

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161581969X (ISBN13: 9781615819690)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Some Kind Of Magic (2011)

Tedious. I made it through about a quarter of the book before I resorted to skimming and then realized I didn't even care enough to do that.The concept is cute, but the execution is weak. Cal, the werewolf detective spends the first 20% of the book hinting at why he doesn't want to be around a certain half-fairy. Apparently waiting for the reveal is supposed to carry the reader along. Unfortunately, the book's basic marketing premise - fairy is werewolf mate, negates that. Similarly, information regarding what type of supernatural creature his police partner is dropped in tidbits as if finding out what she is should keep the reader engaged. It didn't.The story is mostly told narrative style with very little dialogue. The author adores subordinate clauses, and tries to include at least two or three of them in every sentence. Many of the sentences are their own paragraph, which made it a chore to read.The romantic story line was lame. The only thing keeping the two apart is that haven't sat down and cleared up their misconceptions about each other. This was a huge missed opportunity as it would have been more entertaining to read about the two of them trying to work through their differences as a couple. While I gave this 5 stars I wouldn't say it was a brilliant piece of literature, but I will say that this has become one of my favourite books. If I'm honest those wonderful pieces of literature often don't interest me as the writing is too high-brow when what I'm usually looking for is fun and hijinks. That's not to say R. Cooper isn't a great writer, on the contrary I have really enjoyed the three stories I have read and the writing for A Wealth of Unsaid Words was breathtakingly good. It's just that in Some Kind of Magic I don't think she was aiming for the same effect. The story is light and fun but with an undertone of angst. The writing reflects this perfectly.What truly made this book for me however were the characters. We have the twink who happens to be a faerie, yup an actual faeries with wings not the kind twink's usually are, and the tough werewolf detective who is trying desperately to avoid the faeries advances. What more can you want?

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I like the story and the setting, but the writing often threw me off and made reading not so easy.

2.5 to 3starsI struggled to get through it and found it somewhat confusing at times.

I struggled....enough said

3.5 stars

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