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South Of Surrender (2013)

South of Surrender (2013)

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About book South Of Surrender (2013)

I found the handling of the heroine's near-blindness very beautiful. I really appreciated the emphasis it gave to touch and to sound in the story.I also really enjoyed the balance of point-of-view between the hero & heroine. I felt that we gracefully got to see each of the important scenes from both perspectives without too much repetition.A real, heartfelt romance with a glimpse into two vulnerable souls. 4.5stars After a fight with his law-breaking brother, Eurus, a battered and temporarily powerless Chrys Notos is plummeted to earth amid a raging thunderstorm in his animal form inside the barn of nearly blind stable owner Laney Summerlyn. As Laney tends Chrys' wounds she discovers the extent of his animal form but is even more shocked when he turns into a man. Chrys is trying to salvage his brother's godhood and return some stolen property before Eurus gains even more strength as Chrys's season ends and Eurus' season begins. If Chrys is unable to stop him, Eurus will lose not only his godhood, but quite possibly his life. However, Eurus is unwilling to accept the judgment or the punishment handed down by the Olympians for the problems he caused in the last installment. Instead he is bringing their attention to his freedom and thumbing his nose at their declarations. Chrys' initial fall at Laney's property has brought her to the attention of Eurus, harpy's and furies much to Chrys's dismay and he has to get help from his brothers to rectify the situation. Laney is the first woman in a several millennia that has intrigued Chrys enough for him to want to pursue her and he is torn between his desire for Laney and his duty to both his family and the Olympians. One thing is certain whether Chrys & Laney pursue a relationship or not, Chrys has to ensure her safety first. Gathering help from his other brothers and sub-gods for both tasks makes good use of the species expansion for the series universe. This read flowed smoothly and rather quickly and the battle sequences were exciting and well written, giving everyone a moment to preen. While Chrys and Laney "felt" very comfortable together and were quite likable characters on their own, but for my taste fell for each other much too quickly to believe. (Within an hour - really? both of them?) I also appreciated the possibilities on the horizon with the mysteries Devlin could present and that character shake-ups can happen at any time.

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This series is magical........... worth 10 stars!!!!!!!!

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