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Speaking From Among The Bones (2012)

Speaking from Among the Bones (2012)

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0385344031 (ISBN13: 9780385344036)
Delacorte Press

About book Speaking From Among The Bones (2012)

#5 Flavia de Luce - Mystery seriesEleven year old Flavia de Luce is accompanying her older sister Ophelia to frequent musical practices on the church's antiquated organ. Flavia would much rather be in her laboratory, or reading books on chemistry, or poisons.While the family estate, Buckshaw, hangs on the brink of being taken over by the tax authorities, Flavia quietly investigates a strange murder in the village, whilst dodging the police inspector, and keeping her investigation hidden from him.Flavia's sharp mind and lively wit are always highly entertaining and bring a big smile. The book ends with the jaw dropping cliff hanger that will send me to the library TODAY for the next book, instead of waiting the usual three months between series books. This is very much a transitional installment in this particular series behemoth. I prefer my novels to stand-alone, to be rounded and complete in themselves. This one most definitely is not.Flavia is still given faaaaar too much leeway, credence and freedom to be a believable 11 year old girl in 1950-1951. Yes, in those days kids ran around on their bikes and played around the village without their parents worrying much, but Flavia apparently never has to go to school, do homework, or anything else that would be normal in that time and place. And a well-brought-up bourgeoise miss (which Flavia would be, of the postwar poverty stricken Sloane Ranger type) would never barge in and out of other people's houses without so much as a knock on the door; good manners would be ingrained. The mystery was OK, though I found myself chafing under the scrappiness. What was it Antigone Hewitt whispered in Flavia's ear? We are never told. And the last line was unforgiveable. Why not just add "To Be Continued", Bradley?Laziness has killed more than one TV series (which is what this novel reads like) and "cleverness" has been the end of more than one successful author.

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My favorite book series. I have been reading and listening to the audio books. I love Flavia.

Love all of the Flavia de Luce books! Wonderful!

Each is more delightful than the last.



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