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Startled By His Furry Shorts (2006)

Startled by His Furry Shorts (2006)
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Startled By His Furry Shorts (2006)
Startled By His Furry Shorts (2006)

About book: Do you like to know the gossip of who likes who? Or who did what? Well in Startled By His Furry Shorts by Louise Rennison you have all that gossip and drama. But also the realistic fiction book has comedy in it.In the story Georgia is desperately waiting for the week to end. Georgia had come back from her vacation at America and returned to England. When she returned she asked Masimo to be her official boyfriend. Georgia wanted Masimo to be her one and only, but she had to wait a week for his answer. So, during the whole week she had been going insane because she doesn’t know what to do if he said yes or if he said no. She began questioning herself “What if he said no?” Or “What is he said yes?” She was confused because she also didn’t know why he needed a whole week to think it over. Friday had finally come and Georgia was going crazy because she didn’t know if he would be waiting for her at the school gate of at her house. She got off school and walked with the Ace gang and then they split their ways. It was only her and Dave the Laugh left walking home. Dave the Laugh was Georgia’s ex boyfriend, but they were still great friends. He would sometimes steal a kiss from Georgia and she would question if she liked him but she always said she didn’t like him. She got home and began to look for an outfit to see Masimo. She was debating whether or not to wear her skirt or her jeans. She decided on her jeans and just waited all day for him to come around her house or for him to call. She was wearing her makeup and looking all pretty for Masimo. It had become really late and all her friends had been calling in to check on her to see what Masimo had said. She had given up from all the waiting and went to bed. She awoke the next morning with her hair all messed up and her makeup all smudged. Her parents had gone out swimming and left Georgia home. A knock came upon the door and she didn’t answer it. Then she got a call from Masimo, asking if she can open the door. She told him she had to get dressed and he waited outside. She had to get dressed quickly and put on a bit of makeup. She left the house with Masimo; she was getting excited because she knew he was going to say yes. He took her to the woods and walked with her through a path. He had explained to her he wasn’t looking for anything serious and just wanted to be friends with her. He asked if he can call her and surprisingly she said no. She became sad and was full of tears. Her friends understood that she was sad and they treated super nice. Even her mother who sometimes she fights with was being nice to her. She had been trying to make Masimo jealous by trying to be in a relationship with Dave the Laugh, but he had already found someone. Georgia had actually started liking Dave. At the end Masimo old girlfriend Gina came from Italy to tell him she had a new boyfriend. Georgia got jealous. Masimo tried to make her happy again but something stopped him. In the background a car had stopped and someone had come out. It was Robbie, Georgia’s old boyfriend. So now Georgia is torn because she doesn’t know who she likes? Whether if she likes Masimo, Dave the Laugh, or Robbie.I was really surprised because I thought Masimo was going to say yes to Georgia. I believe they were fine together. Also I believe Georgia worries too much. She needs to calm down a bit and know how to take some things because you can’t always get what you want. I was a bit angry when Masimo told Georgia she was a “lovely girl” because it makes her think “Oh, so I’m lovely? Not amazing? Or awesome?” It just makes her question if she’s good enough for him or not.My favorite part was when Masimo was beginning to talk with Georgia; Robbie had come by in the background. It made me think what might happen in the next book. I agree on how the author finished the story with Robbie coming back because it leaves the readers in suspense and making us want to read the next book.I give this story 3 out of 5 because in one part of the story was just Georgia being really sad about Masimo and I really didn’t like that because it made the story a bit dull and that part had gone on for a while. What I did like was the ending because it leaves me predicting what might happen next. If you really like a story with a lot a drama and comedy, then Startled by His Furry Shorts by Louise Rennison is the book for you.

Reviewed by K. Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadToo.comGeorgia Nicholson is at it again in the newest installment of Louise Rennison's hilarious series about the trials and tribulations of a lovelorn British high school girl. STARTLED BY HIS FURRY SHORTS does not disappoint readers who have grown to love the quirky Georgia, her eccentric family, and her Ace Gang of best buddies. As STARTLED opens, our poor heroine finds herself, "On the rack of romance. And also in the oven of luurve." (That's 'love' for those of you who are new to Georgia-speak.) She is waiting to hear from her Italian Stallion almost-boyfriend, to whom she had given an ultimatum. He must either be exclusive to her, or they may never share another romantic evening under the stars together. Needless to say, she's not entirely sure she did the right thing with Masimo. After all, what if he comes back with the wrong answer? But while Georgia wants the hunky Italian-American to be faithful to her, she's having a little trouble in that department herself. She's not completely over her first love, Robbie, who left her to "snog with marsupials" in New Zealand. And her friend, Dave the Laugh, appears to have a crush on Georgia, but she has no idea how to handle it. As with the other Georgia Nicholson novels, I found myself laughing out loud as I turned the pages. Everyone in this series is interesting and well crafted. Sure, Georgia herself is shallow, but she's also funny and (usually) kind and easy to relate to. There are even some villains (i.e. Wet Lindsay and Astonishingly Dim Monica) who readers can love to hate. The glossary at the end of the book was helpful as always in deciphering unfamiliar British terms, although it was often unclear whether these terms were really unique to Britain or if they were just unique to author Louise Rennison's fertile imagination. Pick up a copy of STARTLED BY HIS FURRY SHORTS and laugh yourself silly.
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I have no idea how Louise managed to write so much about nothing and that is a complement! Georgia spends the majority of this book in sheer desperadoes and in the cakeshop of aggers, waiting a full week (and a day) for Masimo's response. But Masimo turns her down saying he's not ready to have a serious relationship yet. Poo. Soon after, she's mate-zoned. Dave the Laugh's still giving her mixed signals, snogging her and smacking her bum. Georgia even sends a letter back to Robbie! What a three-t
Actual rating is 3.5 stars.It is impossible to review these books properly. Georgia wouldn't stand for it and neither would I. She did, however, give me permission to draft up the Georgiaphiliac Manifesto. I will tell you this for free, it is marvy with knobs. What do you mean, I'm tooting my own HOOOOOOOORN? The Georgiaphiliac ManifestoA proper Georgiaphile does not cry. She blubs.A proper Georgiaphile does not do her make-up. She tarts herself up.A proper Georgiaphile does not wear bras. She wears over the shoulder bolder holders.A proper Georgiaphile does not have a father nor a mother. She has a vati and a mutti.A proper Georgiaphile does not kiss until she's out of breath. She gets snogged within in inch of her life.A proper Georgiaphile does not have a best friend. She has a bestest pally.A proper Georgiaphile does not get fits. She has a ditherspaz.Read the rest of the rules on The Random Transliterator.
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Georgia Nicolson is not currently in a happy place regarding her love life. In fact, she's stuck in neutral in more ways than one. According to Georgia, she's not only on the rack of romance, but in the cakeshop of agony, the oven of luuurve, and the bakery of pain. And, if you must know why, it is all because of the Italian Stallion, Masimo. The man who has knocked the Sex God - aka Robbie - right out of her mind, and taken up residence in her heart, as well as in the band the Stiff Dylans, as their new singer. But Georgia has made the mistake of a lifetime. For, when she finally decides to give Masimo an ultimatum - become her one and only or hit the road - he tells her that he needs to think about it. And, we all know that whenever a guy uses the words "I need to think about it," he can't be thinking anything good. Which is why Georgia is on the rack of romance. Now, to distract herself from thinking about Masimo and the fact that he may not call her, or even want to be with her romantically, Georgia has thrown herself headfirst into MacUseless play rehearsals at Stalag 14, and is in the midst of helping Ro-Ro plan a Viking wedding that is scheduled to take place around five years from now. The only problem is that Dave the Laugh is around more than ever - what with MacUseless rehearsals and such, and Georgia is finding herself more and more pre-occupied with kissing him, all because she has been struck by the horn. If only Masimo would just give her the news, she could spend all of her time kissing him - or at least dreaming about kissing him. Louise Rennison has kept Georgia a lovable, fun-loving character since Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and that splendiferous character has only gotten more lovable over the years. Now, in her seventh book Georgia is just as enticing as always - if not more - and hilarious to the tenth power. Startled by is Furry Shorts is a fabulous addition to the Georgia Nicolson series that shows a slightly more mature side of Georgia as she deals with heartbreak, and trying to move on; though her humor - along with that of her somewhat psychotic friends - is still refreshing and invigorating. Laugh-till-you-fall-off-the-bed humor laced with slightly raunchy fun that will keep you reading long into the night!
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