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Stepping On Roses, Vol. 1 (2010)

Stepping on Roses, Vol. 1 (2010)

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I went to the library to say and said to myself, I want to try to read Manga for the first time. I read another book that I finished in a hour, then this one. I stopped after a few pages in because of the topic that kept coming up. She was poor and her brother gambled, and he kept handing over children for her to take care if for some weird reason. But she was so poor that she was going to, and I quote, sell herself to get money. I read a review and she doesn't and it doesn't show anything bad either. I just don't like books like this. Mostly when graphic novels have that stuff in them. But the cover is so pretty. I want to draw it one day, but the cover kind of over sells the book a little. I have it two stars because the cover was so good it need a whole star for that. I don't know how to feel about this series! On one hand, Soichiro Ashida is a grade-A jerkbag who is only using Sumi as a pawn in his financial games and I keep feeling like the series is going to make me like him before too long - which I really don't want to, gah. On the other hand, Sumi is pretty darn awesome. She's feisty and headstrong and not afraid to do what is necessary to save her loved ones. This story reminds me of My Fair Lady mashed up with The Wallflower and Flower In A Storm (which is a 2-volume shoujo manga everyone should read). Naturally, I'm gonna keep reading!

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Liked it. Didn't get to read enough. A lot of conflict on characters. Good art

really cute

3,5 stars

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