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Tasting Candy (2008)

Tasting Candy (2008)

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About book Tasting Candy (2008)

I really wanted to rate this book 4 stars, because I think it's my favorite in the series. Blade and Candace are my favorite characters in the series. I liked everything about their characters and relationship. I even liked the development of the plot, though it was fast to accommodate the short length of the story. My only problem, and the reason I couldn't give it another star was the way Candace seems to go from so traumatized by her past rape that she has panic attacks in public when approached by men to having sex and becoming flirtatious in such a short time. I like that she became empowered by their relationship, reclaimed her sexuality, and found peace, and maybe I'm being closed-minded about the process. I just don't see how one makes that change so quickly. I know she trusted Blade, and they move slowly the first night, but their next intimate encounter ends in sex. Once I put this inconsistency out of my mind I was able to enjoy the story, but it is a weakness in the plot that I felt I needed to address. Nevertheless, I would read this again and recommend it to friends. Vapid and chauvinistic! I couldn't help but picture Blade as Chuck Norris or Rex from Napoleon Dynamite. O_o Even Candy described him as a total throwback. Not my type I guess because I thought he was an absurd character. Not appealing at all. This story completely fell flat for me. There was no build-up to Blade and Candy's relationship and I couldn't sympathize with Candy's past because it wasn't taken seriously. She was supposedly terrified of all men due to her traumatic past experience, but by chapter 3 she's dry-humping Blade's nether regions before they even go out on their first date?! Then there was the whole paranormal dreams aspect...why? It didn't fit into this story at all. It felt like a random after-thought by the author. I knew going in that this wasn't going to be a thought-provoking masterpiece, but even for 'literary junk-food' this just wasn't any good. Amirite?

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I liked this book, but at times it was a little too serious. Overall, good.

She was raped he helped her have her first consensual relationship.

Rec'd by Twigs/ Kindle-lendable

A really QUICK, okay read.

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