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The Arctic Event (2007)

The Arctic Event (2007)
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The Arctic Event (2007)
The Arctic Event (2007)

About book: A Cold saga called "Arctic Event"Aah, people have often recommended Robert Ludlum to me as the best thriller author. But as the fate would have it, I've never before now had a chance to get my hands on him, thats before Arctic Event that is. Well one could very well argue that Arctic Event is not a real Ludlum novel, as it is a series that the Master author created and his apprentice continued it as a series. So here we go with my review:The book start of with an epilogue, about 50 years from the current day, when an Russian ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) warfare aircraft crashes into Queen Archipelago in Canadian Arctic carrying 2 metric tons of Anthrax, the facts remain buried till the present day.Scientists have now found out the crash site. Russians and Americans are now scared that the news of ABC World war 2 fighter plane crash might be blown out of proportions, far worse that some criminal might get his hands on the deadly Anthrax onboard. Jon Smith, a colonel, a Covert one cipher, of which only a handful of people know exists, is called upon urgently. His mission is to go to Canadian Arctic and take stock of the Misha 124 Crash site and to check if the Anthrax is still onboard and intact, if so destroy it.On this mission, he is aided by a professor of history, Valentina Metrace, whose designs are far more sinister than they appear to be; Randi Russel, once his sister in law, who believes Jon is the only reason for the death of her late sister. Thrown into the mix is Major Gregory Symslov, the Russian liaison with Americans on this mission, whose true mission seems to be much more than hey now of.Jon believes this is an simple straight forward mission, his notion is soon corrected when he and his team are attacked on their way to Canada. Once on the ice, things start going wrong at a rapid pace. Jon and team are forced to wage war on two fronts, one is the mafia trying to steel the Anthrax and the other is some one within his ranks, a traitor.Will Jon succeed in this mission, is what makes this book a real must read... The author explains the Arctic warfare with inch perfection. Sour note being that the climax could have been much better after setting it up so well.Hint: Russians are hiding something far more dangerous than Anthrax, which they have to clear off, else it might well trigger the third world war, well now am sure you are interested in reading it, isnt it? enjoy reading, as I watch Brazil vs North Korea.My rating? 3/5. Ending could have been far better.

cc:On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, researchers discover the wreckage of a mysterious World War II-era aircraft, a discovery that forces the Russian Federation into a shocking admission. The unmarked plane is a Soviet strategic bomber that disappeared with its crew more than fifty years ago while carrying two metric tons of weaponized anthrax.Desperate to prevent a political and diplomatic firestorm, the U.S. president dispatches a Covert-One team led by Lieutenant Colonel Jon Smith to the crash site. But others have reached the frigid, windswept island first, including an international arms dealer and his crew of vicious mercenaries. As for the Russians, they are lying: a second, even deadlier secret rests within the hulk of the lost bomber, a secret the Russians are willing to kill to protect. Trapped in a polar wilderness, Smith and his team find themselves fighting a savage war on two fronts-against an enemy they can see and another hiding within their own Robert Ludlum
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Anthony Fisher
A very good action packed book for pure escapism. The story is set in the northern canadian waters on a isolated island and is set around a 50 year old mysteriously crashed USSR bomber at the start of the cold war. What had been the 'mission' and why was it carrying a cargo of anthrax? The bomber was found by a survey team, resulting in a joint investigation team of 3 americans and a russian Air Force Major setting out to reach the island. Why is a 'crack' platoon of russian soldiers dropped by submarine and is hiding near the crash site? Plus, why does an independent arms smuggler try to stop the joint team reach the island. When the team arrive on the island, where are the members of the survey team and why is the radio unable to transmit? To find the answer to these questions read the book it will not insult your intelligence.
I give 5 of 5 stars to the Arctic Action novel Arctic Event by Robert Ludlum. A cold-war era Russian aircraft crash in the Arctic circle on an island north of Hudson Bay leads to a modern day thriller complete with international terrorists, the Russian Federation having two teams working different agendas and our heros right in the middle without much help or support. Suspenseful, exciting and unpredictable are words I’d use to explain why I enjoyed this audiobook. I continue to be a big fan of Ludlum and highly recommend this book!
John Matsui
I've been generally disappointed by writers brought in to carry on series created by Robert Ludlum. I'm happy to report that James H. Cobb's Arctic Event is the exception. It is a well crafted read with all the political intrigue and the conflicting personalities that I loved so well in works penned by Ludlum. The reader gets enough insight into the characters and the politics to be pulled into the conflicts. It also gives a bit of a nod to a changed Russia but one still conflicted by past misdeeds. A definite two thumbs up for Arctic Event.
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