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The Christmas Proposition (2000)

The Christmas Proposition (2000)

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Mel and Bryce have some history between them, with wide gaps in between their encounters. Actually, that’s not really a sufficient word. There is more between these two than “just” encounters.The set-up is done well and only two chapters in, I was hooked. And I still had seven more to go.Then the next two chapters? YOWZA. Mel is sarcastic, somewhat cynical and definitely smart. Bryce is confident, gentle in his ability to read Mel, while at the same time unrelenting when it comes to what he wants. A nice mix within each of them. Together? HOT. And they’re silly with each other, laughing - I was Team Mel&Bryce, 100%Most of what I could say would give things away and I’m not going to do that. Just know that I had no intention of finishing this read today but I had no choice when I met these two. Yeah, that good.The only niggle was a choice one of them made towards the end but it was a very tense situation so I could see someone reacting that way.No matter. I loved. I loved!!! Just go read. *drops mic**whispers* I don’t often covet or become protective about characters, but… with these two? ;) This was a short, fun read with awesome ideas (the whole tree ranch idea, the NAMES - seriously, the names, how brilliant are those?!) and I really loved that it wasn't all sugarysweet all the time, that the happy ending didn't come that easy and that Bryce and Mel BOTH had to take the plunge and work for their relationship.And while there was quite a bit of sex, I could also totally see the emotional connection between Bryce and Mel, could see their chemistry, and I really loved those two. Because they weren't completely over the top full of sugar and not so blown away that they didn't see anything else anymore, but simply way too drawn to each other to resist in the long run.The only thing I missed here was an additional short last chapter. The ending was generally great, but I'd've just loved loved loved to see a little bit more, to get a confirmation that they really stuck with their decision. Definitely a recommended read!

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Apparently I read this story already, in the Men Under the Mistletoe Anthology. Still liked it :)

Love it and the setting was just charming. :)

Really enjoyed this sexy Christmas story.



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