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The Eternity Cure (2013)

The Eternity Cure (2013)
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0373210698 (ISBN13: 9780373210695)
Harlequin Teen
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The Eternity Cure (2013)
The Eternity Cure (2013)

About book: I was enjoying this book most the way through but in the middle when Jackel and Ally get back to New Convington and run into Zeke I was totally pulled in and excited about the book. I'm not the person who tries to guess where the author is going next I like to just sit back and enjoy the ride. So I was totally enthralled with this book in the last half, so many twists and turns. The happy endings and then the agonizing moments! I knew Saren had turned Zeke! I have to say that I love audio books! Therese Plummer is amazing with changing voices and the emotion she reads into it, fantastic!!! I also love that I can listen to a book while getting my Christmas shopping done! Amazing! I cried at the end when Zeke died and I wanted to like jump into the book and kill sarren myself then when you found out zeke was still alive i shook the book furious. The story is so good, it changes the typically Vampire genre where there not the baddest thing on the planet, the rabbids made the whole thing tense and the bleeders were just creepy. Im glad stick died, he was so stuck up and thought everything was about him.
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I'm starting to like Jackal. Should I or should I not?
Heart wrenching to the last page!
Excellent read.
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