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The Keepers' Tattoo (2010)

The Keepers' Tattoo (2010)

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0545171660 (ISBN13: 9780545171663)
Chicken House

About book The Keepers' Tattoo (2010)

LOVED this book! The excitement just kept building onto itself, and it was one of those books you just want to stay up all night reading. The characters were great, too. If you're not sure if you want to read this, all I have to say to you is definitely give it a chance. Gill Arbuthnott will take you on an adventure through the Archipelago from behind a bar in a busy restaurant to the woods with a man out to kill Nyssa to the palace of a dictator and slave owner. One of my favorite novels so far. In retrospect, a post-apocalyptic tale, but that is not necessarily clear until the end of the book. Special knowledge is tattooed on the skulls of a set of twins. Supposedly these words hold great power. The despotic leader of the known world seeks the twins in order to take the words of power. It's an interesting premise and the characters were interesting, but development of both character and plot was weak.

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Very weell done, marked by constantly sustained tension. A good choice for YA Book Discussions!

Much as I enjoyed this book, I kept fearing that it was the beginning of a series. It's not

Very entertaining read! I loved the ancient, mythological feel to it.


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