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The Last Policeman (2012)

The Last Policeman (2012)

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About book The Last Policeman (2012)

This was a great detective novel set against an intriguing dystopian backdrop. Hank Palace is a young detective in New Hampshire, investigating what looks to be a suicide by hanging, but which strikes Hank as a suspicious death. He doesn't get a lot of support from his colleagues, who have seen a lot of suicides in the last few months - it's been a common reaction to the impending collision of the earth with a giant asteroid in six months. The characters and interactions are nuanced and thoughtful, the mystery story moves along quickly, and Hank is a very sympathetic character, with his rather single minded focused on his passion for the job while society is starting to go to hell around him. I'm looking forward to the other two books in the series. The Last Policeman presents an interesting premise in how people deal with the breakdown of normalcy and routine in their lives. As the asteroid bears down on Earth, various groups of personalities form. Some begin building shelters in hopes of surviving, others conspire that a group may rocket off the planet. Others, like detective Hank Palace, hold onto the mundane routine, clasping it even tighter than normal in almost a form of denial. And then, others simply check out and kill themselves.Hank is promoted to detective at the Concord Police Department quickly because of the asteroid; several officers quit, making the openings easier to obtain. And, Hank wants to excel. Maybe it's because his mother was murdered years before? Maybe it's his last attempt at creating his own status before the planet ends.When he investigates an apparent suicide at a restaurant and finds questions, Hank doggedly pursues the murder angle despite his superiors claim to do accept it as a suicide.Winters writes this in first person, present tense, so it gives the reader Hank's cool perspective. We see others' reactions to the end of the world scenario through his eyes. Often, Hank ignores things about the asteroid. When scientists determine where the asteroid will hit, it's almost secondary to him as he continues his investigation. To Hank, solving this case is far more important than a huge chunk of rock blasting into the planet and changing everything. it's his perspective and, although it may be twisted, it's how we, the reader, go through this.Winters has two other books in this series. Obviously, it's not going to end well, unless in some wimped out end scene we discover Hank is dreaming, or the scientists are wrong, or Pakistan does nuke the asteroid ... we'll see. This is a decent police procedural with a hint of sci-fi wrapped into it. Worthy of a weekend read.

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How does a cop catch a killer when there aren't any consequences for...well, anything, really?

Loved reading this story. Wonder how much Concord, NH, has to do with it:)

I enjoyed this mash up of genres enough to put the 2nd book on hold.

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