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The Scarecrow King (2013)

The Scarecrow King (2013)

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Jill Myles

About book The Scarecrow King (2013)

I enjoyed this book and could not put it down. However I wish it had more.... More depth, more development. It was kind of like the novels you read as a girl that were simple and nice. Now older, there is more to life and l like the story so much that I wanted it to be more. I realize that the simplicity may have been the author's plan and it was executed beautifully. I just wanted more realness to connect my adult self to the story. A very engrossing story - I finished it in a day. Sweet and romantic. The characters have depth and dimension. Myles keeps a good pace to the tale while still allowing time for the protagonists to fall in love. A bonus is there is no bad language, no sex, and very little violence so ANYONE can read this and enjoy it. I love the message Myles brought about self-esteem and unconditional love. It wasn't delivered with a heavy hand but it was certainly there.The reason I gave it a 3 was the book really needed to be edited more to tighten sentences, refine word choice, clean up grammar, and generally polish up the story and language. Still I would recommend this to anyone. Highly enjoyable! Every girl, young and old should give it a read.

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Decent. I bought this and betrothed at the same time and this is definitely the better of the two.

I really enjoyed this. I couldn't believe all of the clues. Rinda was oblivious. Romantic.

Excellent fairy tale retelling! I really hope she writes more of these types of books!!!!

Loved this book! Very adorable retelling of the fairy tell!

Cute and clean

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