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The Shy Girl Has A Gun (2000)

The Shy Girl Has a Gun (2000)

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About book The Shy Girl Has A Gun (2000)

This book had great action scenes and had great character development on Faith's part. I was all set on giving it a five star rating despite Faith having an affair with Jace, the guy who dumped her for another girl. But, unfortunately, I couldn't. You see the author decided this girl would have no self respect so she still pines after him three years later. When she meets him on a job and he has to come back to 'The Agency' with Chris and herself........ guess what happens? You couldn't guess? well it's so cliché it should have been a snap. Yes she gets back together with the cheating whore. This decreased the rating by 1-2 stars at least.On top of this there isn't really a proper explanation as to why Faith is targeted as a recruit for 'The Agency'. This book had so much potential but unfortunately that potential wasn't reached.Overall a pretty crappy book that was only saved by the awesome action scenes. Good story and very creative. There were a lot of grammar errors, spelling errors, and some parts got too repetitive. Nevertheless, I thought it was well thought out and had a variety of character personalities. I loved the idea of a regular girl turned assassin, but the beginning was a bit rough and dull. However, after that part, the story came together very smoothly and kept the reader interested nearly the entire time. This was my first time reading a Wattpad story, and overall, I'm pretty pleased with my experience.

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this book was a satisfying book as the main character was a compelling character.

DNF..It was too bad. I couldn't bear reading past a few chapters.

omg I loooooved this story!!!!!!!!!It was AMAZING!!!

I freaking love this author, she's really talented

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