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The Sixth Man (2011)

The Sixth Man (2011)
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The Sixth Man (2011)
The Sixth Man (2011)

About book: This book is great. But I kept getting this deja vu feeling until I got it! King and Maxwell (the short lived TV series), the pilot is based on this book. I watched the show because I had read the books, but I had missed this one. I knew what was happening and who was who, but like all adapted books, the book is better. But it was crazy, I had actually seen the Wall even as I was first reading about it. Since the TV series was cancelled you are not going to be able to "see" the TV adaption unless you buy it from iTunes, but it was fun to compare the two as I read the book.As for this review, King and Maxwell are on another case, and as usual things don't clear up easily. They are two of my faves and I enjoy their interaction. I highly recommend this book, the plot fly's along, just hang on and read. This series really keep me on the edge! David Baldacci with the duo of King and Maxwell is wonderful! The plot of the 6th Men is absolutely breath taking and all the characters are very well orchestrated! Could the Analyst really exist if so wow and if not well the author really deserve something for his imagination! Thanks for the audiobooks version that I used for this one when traveling! Recommend to everyone who like great police suspense and thriller.
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Good but I had trouble suspending my disbelief at times.
ne of my favourite authors. Nice read
Not bad...
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