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The Stable Boy (2013)

The Stable Boy (2013)

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About book The Stable Boy (2013)

I really liked this book. I liked the writing style, the tone, the characters, the setting. It was a great read that made me interested in what else the writer has published, turns out she has like a zillion other books. So not only is she a good writer, she's a prolific one too. I hope to be just like her when I grow up. Other than the whole thing resolving a bit too easy, it was a great story. On to the next one! Ehhh. It was OK. I mean, I loved the idea of this book. And Ms. Derr did make me anticipate how things were going to end. However, while I was rooting for our 'stable boy', I wanted more of a back story on this concept of magic that can litterally render a person's true identity invisible. And there was NO sex. I'm sorry. If there are two characters who long to be together and want to fullfil that lust... there better be some "bow chicka bow wow" going on. I liked the ruthlessness of the stable boy for those who tried to ruin him. It made him extreemely masculine and I could understand why his prince (his boo) felt a connection to him prior to fully knowing who he was.Its a fun read, but don't expect to be blown away.

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Such a cute little story. I loved the use of all the different fairy tale elements.

Very good short story. Downside was no sex scenes!!


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