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The Trouble With Honor (2014)

The Trouble With Honor (2014)
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The Trouble With Honor (2014)
The Trouble With Honor (2014)

About book: Rating 4.5/5Honor Cabot is one of the most tenaciously vibrant characters that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. When you couple her sheer star quality with the rakish charm, good looks, and tragic past of one George Easton, and you have romantic gold.The chemistry between George and Honor is hot enough to set pages aflame, and will have you wanting to skip ahead to their next tryst.The one negative in the storyline has to be the part of the plot involving the seduction of Monica Hargrove. Not only was said seduction a complete bust. It also proved to be a none too effective ‘red herring’ for the scandal that George and Honor have brewing.As if all this is not enough to wet one’s appetite for drama. There is also the secret of Honor’s mother’s senility, and an attempt to marry Honor off to a Vicar.This is a book for those who believe in love at all costs, are willing to risk all for the whims of the heart, and are willing to go ‘all in’ for happily ever after. This seemed promising, but several factors lead to me nearly putting it down for good. Honor, the heroine, prides herself on being a 'swashbuckling' sort. The stepdaughter of an ailing earl, with a mother who is swiftly descending into senility, Honor concocts an idea to derail her stepbrother's marriage to a (as she sees her) gold-digging fiancee who seeks to put Honor, her three younger sisters and their mother out on their own. She enlists one of London's most notorious rakes and bastard son of a duke, George Easton. Predictably, HOnor and George fall for each other, and he pretty summarily compromises her virtue. They're in love, but in spite of the fact they both declare their love and have great chemistry together, they cannot marry (his reasoning: she's a debutante of the ton, he's not worthy; her reasoning: ...never entirely clear). Anyway, the whole book didn't work as so much of the plot rested on buying into the imagined tension between Honor and George's ideals and in accepting Honor's scheme as something other than daft and/or downright mean. But Honor never appears as anyone with an ounce of sense, and never seems to consider that her efforts to break her brother's engagement might result in a) breaking up a happy couple (which her brother and fiancee are) and b) might even jeopardize her own chance at happiness with George. London doesn't attempt to present Honor and George's courtship in a graduated manner; basically these two are at each other without really getting to know each other. All in all, a disappointing effort. Too bad, as the premise of the sisters attempting to secure a safe place for their mother and younger siblings had potential.
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This book was all about the chemistry for me. I just flat out liked George and Honor together.
Flat characters, with a heroine who was difficult to like made for a dud of a read.
Could not put it down! Great characters. I am looking forward to the next!
great book
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