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Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)

Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)
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Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)
Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)

About book: Bałam się, że to będzie kolejna książka, w której autorka co 20 stron wrzuci kolejną tragedię, ale na szczęście tak nie jest. Nie ma nadmiaru dramatów, trzech bohaterów, trzy przeplatające się ze sobą problemy. Piękna, łamiąca serce historia, na której wylałam morze łez. Niestety, zakończenie jest takie, że trzeba sięgnąć po drugą część, której może nawet nie być. Szkoda. This book broke my heart, I cried so much! Warning you will need a box of tissues near you! I've been such a fan of Bec Botefuhr and as soon as I read about this book I just had to read it, this is such a heartbreaking but beautiful storyline. she outdid herself.This book is based on the lives of Nevaeh, Jarrod 'Whiskey' and his brother Jase. during their child hood they were inseparable and as they grew up together Whiskey and Jase both ended up falling in love with neveah, although she knows how they both feel she keeps them both at arms length because she loves them both and can't chose because if she did their friendship would end and no doubt ruining the brothers relationship."I love then too much, I would let them go if it meant they were happy. I truly would, even if broke me"However on Neveah's 18th birthday she and whiskey both end up sleeping together and then the next day both Whiskey and Jase disappeared from Neveah's life only to to reappear 5 years later when Jase has lung cancer and is dying...After supporting him during this painful stage in his life he asks neveah to track down and locate Whiskey, the problem is how can she find a man who doesn't want to be found?...I loved these characters, mostly when we got to see them as kids in the flashbacks the author added in, In this book we mostly got to see the relationship between Neveah and Jase, this broke my heart, Bec wrote Jase as such a beautiful person and to see him battle will death left me crying, him as a character made this book. we also got to look at whiskey as a teenager and how in love with Neaveah he was too him as an adult and how he's changed drastically, the next book will be able Whiksey and Neveah's relationship so I have no doubt that we will see a side of whiskey before he got so involved in trouble and put all those Walls up to hide his emotions. Finally we have Neveah, she is such a story person In my eyes, everything she's battled and still created a life for herself only to be broken again and she still fights. This book went over friendship, Love, Death and loss, which definitely tests every single one of your emotions! it's such a roller coaster ride and I can't recommend this enough!Book 2, Two hearts, one soul.
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Bec, what a wonderful heart wrenching story.. ;0) Now I'm trying to patiently wait for book two.
Sweet baby jesus....utterly devoured this book.
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