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Tiger Shrimp Tango (2014)

Tiger Shrimp Tango (2014)

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0062092812 (ISBN13: 9780062092816)
William Morrow

About book Tiger Shrimp Tango (2014)

Serge Storm is forever on some sort of crusade, this time, as employed by private detective Mahoney and assisted by his drugged-up alcoholic sidekick Coleman, he roams Florida removing perpetrators of various types of fraud against the Sunshine State’s inhabitants. Apparently, in this once again far-out but amusing novel, Serge (and Mahoney) discover a gang with several participants specializing in diverse types of frauds.The scams range from the “Dating Bandit,” who occupies the mark while confederates clean out his or her home of its contents, to readers of obituaries who remove valuables and other items from the insides of the dwellings of the grieving relatives attending the funeral. Of course, as varied as the scams are, so are the techniques Serge uses to punish the culprits.Serge is still recoiling from the assassination of his beloved Felicia, and this past misfortune enters into the conclusion of this adventure, as we learn that the same assassin is aiming for Serge this time.As always from this author a fun story, “Tiger Shrimp Tango” is recommended. Even though Tim Dorsey's books are formulaic, to a point, this one was a bit different. It's amazing how I can sympathize with a serial killer, although he's nice and only harms people who really deserve it.It's another adventure with Serge and Coleman as they drive their way through Florida. This story has them helping to end the scourge of scan artists throughout the state. They pray on both tourists and locals, which means they don't discriminate. They are equal opportunity scumbags.The twist in the story is that Serge is actually working for his old nemesis Mahoney. Mahoney is a private investigator whose brain is somewhere in the 1940s. He sees himself as a latter day film noir detective, ala Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe. He speaks in that old style jargon made famous by Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. He even narrates out loud.Mahoney has some clients who are victims of robbery scams and he has Serge and Coleman do a bit of sleuthing and eliminating. The "gang" of scammers are very clever and use the latest technology as rip off their intended victims. One hilarious bit involves calling people in hotel rooms pretending to be the front desk with an emergency. They tell customers there is a gas leak on their floor. The customers need to spray fire extinguisher foam on themselves and exit through the stairways, no elevators. Once out of their rooms, the scammers rob their rooms. But its all orchestrated through public video cameras and other high tech gadgets.Fortunately for the victims, Serge and Coleman are on the scene. There are a few crazy but funny bits where Mentos and ice cubes are involved. Sometimes the ice cubes are the size of a 55 gallon drum and other times they fit into a drinking glass. The clever and frequently crazed ways that Serge dispatches his victims makes me laugh and cringe. He is fair though, as he always gives them a way out.The end of the story is a variation on the heroes driving into the sunset, but there was never a more unlikely group of heroes in any story.

Do You like book Tiger Shrimp Tango (2014)?

This may have been the funniest one Tim Dorsey has written yet. Truly Laugh out Loud....

Some of Dorsey's books include notes on the typography. This one doesn't.

Love these crazy characters. Serge and Coleman should be in a movie!

Again I say, Dorsey is so wrong in all the right ways.

A death by Jell-o mold. That's some good times, baby.

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