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Tortoise And The Hare (2013)

Tortoise and the Hare (2013)
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Tortoise And The Hare (2013)
Tortoise And The Hare (2013)

About book: The Tortoise and the Hare is a classic fable tale that every adult remembers reading multiple times as a child. It is a tale of how a hare believed that he could outrun the tortoise and was so confident in himself, challenges the tortoise to a race. All the animals gather to watch the race between the tortoise and the hare. Once the race begins the hare takes off at great speeds, while the tortoise is seen to be slow and clumsily falling over rocks or having to swim through the stream rather than jump through it like the hare. However, the hare comes upon a farmers cabbage patch and begins to feast, he ate so much that he fell asleep. The poor slow tortoise finally reaches the cabbage patch and sees the hare sleeping, he keeps edging to the finish line and gets so far ahead that the hare wakes up and takes off. However, the hare was too far behind now and loses the race to the tortoise. Jerry Pinkney depicts this classic fable using some of the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen. There is little to no words used in this version except for the classic line seen in all the variations, "slow and steady, wins the race." Each drawing is beautifully done and extremely well detailed. I would not recommend this to students who are above 2nd or 3rd grade because it is just a picture book. But it is perfect for small children who have not yet mastered reading on their own but can comprehend and follow wordless books. I have always loved the story about the Tortoise & the Hare but I love it ten times more now! The pictures in this book are amazing and so detailed. I definitely love the use of water colors.I think the colors used in this book really helps to set the tone of the story and realism of the animals. Overall I will definitely be purchasing this book for my own collection. I love it so much.
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This rendering of Aesop's classic fable features minimal text and expressive mixed-media drawings.
Just beautiful, and the SW setting is a stroke of genius.
Ehh I guess the art is nice. I liked the desert setting
Gorgeous retelling of a classic.
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