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Treecat Wars (2013)

Treecat Wars (2013)
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Treecat Wars (2013)
Treecat Wars (2013)

About book: I really enjoyed this book and my daughter is currently reading it on the kindle (I listened to the audio version). I've seen some reviews as people didn't like all the interplay between the kids and their emotions...come on people these are Young Adult books. Of course there is going to be a torrent of emotions! I liked how they kept us involved in both worlds as Stephanie and Karl were off to Manticore and Anders and Jessica are behind on Sphinx. All I can say is read the series from the beginning or you'll be missing out on a great storyline. If you like David Weber's Honorverse books, then you should like this too. I read this book without having read books 1 & 2 first and still found it easy to follow. Now I'll go back and read the first two novels to fill in the details. After I finished the book, I realized that there were a couple of unfinished bits, but I'm sure they'll be dealt with in the next novel-- because, I'm sure that of course there will be a next novel; this is David Weber/the Honorverse, after all! This looks like a good entry to Weber's work either for young adults (say about age 14 & up) and adults who find all the military/political bits in the Honor Harrington books undesirable.
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I do hope there is a fourth book in this offshoot of the Honor Harrington series.
I have enjoyed all of the treecat books and I look forward to more.
Another excellent and engaging tale from Weber.
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