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Unfiltered And Unlawful (2014)

Unfiltered and Unlawful (2014)

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Sometimes, when I click on free ebooks on Amazon, I would like to be smacked upside the head and told to stop. I've been in a bit of a blah reading mood lately, so figured I'd tackle some of the (hundreds) of free ebooks I've amassed on my Kindle. This was one of the more recent ones. And I cannot put into words how bad this book was. Absolute trash. And not the fun trash. Bad, stinking, soggy trash. I love "trashy" romances when I'm in the mood, erotica is awesome. Romance is awesome. And then there's this.. I'm surprised this has any good reviews. You guys, read Megan Hart, read Shayla Black. Don't read this crap. I honestly cannot believe I'm going to say this, but the "romance" in Twilight makes more sense than this. And you want to write a junkie protagonist the reader will actually root for regardless of everything else, take a few tips from Stacia Kane. It's too late for me, save yourself. Don't read this book. This was a pretty good and interesting start to this series. The whole concept of such a large group of people keeping one horrible secret was so far fetched I just had to read this book and see for myself what led to their predicament. Its actually an interesting tale, though I have to read through the series to get the answers to all of the questions I have regarding the dead drug dealer and why he was after Sasha in the first place...The codependency between her and Tommy is actually something very common between drug users, they took it an extra step with the aggressive sex, but when you need help and don't have it, you fall back to your old regress and that's what happened with Sasha. She was so dependent on Tommy that when a good man like Adam wants her, she's completely oblivious to him. She did try hard to avoid the life of drugs and I think with Adam by her side, she will continue on the right path...I don't enjoy reading about people on drugs but that is a sad reality of life...even if its only being used in a fictional book. Overall I enjoyed this read and look forward to reading the next book...

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