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Valentijn Bij De Ijzerfae (2000)

Valentijn bij de Ijzerfae (2000)

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About book Valentijn Bij De Ijzerfae (2000)

Cute story. It was a point something book so I had no qualms reading it before I've even read any of the books. Looks like I'll be putting Ash in the ranks of loveable, I kinda wish they were real, YA heart-throbs. This list includes: Jace and Will Heronrale, Jem Carstairs, Four (Tobias Eaton), Alex (something from Delirium series by Lauren Oliver). Still considering whether to add Parch to the list but oh well.... I Love this series!! And this novella had me smiling for ear to ear!! Nothing makes me smile like the way Ash loves Meghan!! It is about time that we get to see how the live, after all they've been through. It makes me soo happy to see that they do get those stolen moments of love! They deserve it, after fighting so hard to be together! People my complain about Fluff, but it's not in all of the other books! And I think as readers, we all need that lovey dovey fluff!! I could read this over and over and over!!!

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ash was naive but he sure learn fast . ♡

Very cute :)A nice short read!

Fuck it, I love this so much.

Zoooooo lief!!

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