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Victory Run 2 (2000)

Victory Run 2 (2000)
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Victory Run 2 (2000)
Victory Run 2 (2000)

About book: This series is really good so far ,,, this is book 2 ,,, I'm hooked ,,, loving the characters ,,, loving the story ,,, loving that I've not been able to work out too much of the story yet either ,,, I prefer it when things aren't completely clear ,,, I like the guessing game ,,, the not knowing about Victorys singing issues ,,, the not knowing about Kellans past ,,, makes a stronger holdLet me just tell you though I really do not envy Victory right now ,,, if you ever think your having a bad day or got heaps of bad luck just check this girl out ,,, if it can go wrong it will ,,, if things look like they might be getting better they probably won't be ,,, she must seriously have the worst luck EVER ,,, although by the end of this book you'll hope that her luck is beginning to change ,,, I love how strong she is ,,, at her lowest point in her life yet she is still moving forwards ,,, things get to her granted but she won't let it beat her ,,, ohh and she has some pretty hot viewing going on right about now too :)Kellan is your typical guy that's hot and knows it ,,, wanting no more than sex and getting just that ,,, it's screaming out ,,, like a flashing neon light above his head ,,, girls flock to his side like he is a god ,,, well all but one that is ,,, he knows she is attracted to him but she's not acting on it ,,, but for the first time in a long time neither is he ,,, they have a connection ,,, especially through their music ,,, still without her number will they meet again? Who knowsI'm loving Devon's writing style and the character Dubs,,, the things he comes out with are just too funny ,,, there are serious sides to this read but there is plenty of humour to it too Highly recommend this read people ,,, enjoy :) Victory Run 2 was just as phenomenal as the first book. Devon Hartford is an amazing author. I am so impressed with the original story line and the depth of the characters in this series. I absolutely adore Kellan and Victory. Their chemistry, both romantically and musically, is off the charts! Victory is determined to make her dreams a reality on her terms. Who wouldn't admire that?? I can only imagine that book 3 with be equally as amazing as the first two. I can't wait!!
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I enjoyed this second book as much as the first. Another well written story with strong characters.
Victory is such a great character, I can not wait to see where she goes.
Loved it!!!! Can't wait to read more
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