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Volley Balls (2011)

Volley Balls (2011)
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Etopia Press
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Volley Balls (2011)
Volley Balls (2011)

About book: This was an OK read, for a short story of 100 pages. It was quite a sweet story, but did feel somewhat rushed.I felt that David fell into the relationship with Gareth way too fast for someone who had been so badly treated in his last relationship. And the fact that they had only known each other a couple of hours and they were at it like rabbits, just didn't fit with the storyline of David having been abused. This was a good read with strong characters and storyline about an Australian Volley ball player who is a closeted gay and afraid to come out because his father and best friend both hate gays with a passion. But than Gareth meets David and seems to fall instantly in love the young very out of the closet gay man. Needless to say Gareth comes out and him and David become lovers and then Edge, Gareth best friend, who hates gays ends up coming out of the closet as well. Personally I liked the story I just think it could have done without Edge being thrown into the mix. To me they didn't seem to mesh well and I'm not a big fan of ménage's as it is anyways, but despite not being a fan of ménage's I just didn't feel Edge's character. I would recommend that you at least give this book a try because you may like it and like I said it does have strong characters in Gareth and David and has a pretty good storyline.
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Tara Lain never fails to write light, fun hot man on man action.
Actual rating 1.5 stars.
Fun, sexy, read.
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