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Weltbeweger - Jesus - Wer Ist Dieser Mensch? (2013)

Weltbeweger - Jesus - Wer ist dieser Mensch? (2013)

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About book Weltbeweger - Jesus - Wer Ist Dieser Mensch? (2013)

I liked some of this book, specifically the last three chapters ("Friday," "Saturday," and "Sunday"). Everything leading to those chapters was pretty much everything I have learned since I was a little girl. Nothing I don't already know and believe about my Lord and Savior. I am not really a fan of Ortberg's writing style. I don't like it when a writer writes as if he's trying to be colloquial and cool and in conversation. To me, it feels like the author is trying too hard. Many times I had to reread passages because I didn't understand that he was trying to crack a joke. It really did feel forced. The sermons in this book are very easy to read and understand. Most are about how Jesus changed the culture of the world by inspiring service to others (hospitals), art (whose face is unknown but universally recognized) and other areas. The chapter called "Saturday" makes the whole book. He explores the feelings of people the day after the crucifixion - the day "between confusion and clarity". His followers didn't know (as we do) that Sunday was coming. And why was there a Saturday, anyway?

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Such a great book. Will be leading a study using his materials at church soon.

As usual, John writes with great clarity, insight, and power.

amazing book but I like reading this kind of stuff. :)

Amazing book about the life of Jesus.

Another great book by John Ortberg.

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