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Werewolf In Alaska (2013)

Werewolf in Alaska (2013)

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Great book! I'd never read this author before... but the cover art snagged my attention - beautiful colors and spunky design... I was hoping for a light guilty pleasure type and was pleasantly surprised - fast-paced storyline, likeable characters, and even though it was predictable, there was enough uniqueness to make it feel fresh :) Warning: There are A LOT of sex scenes, so if you're not into that, this won't be for you - you'd be skipping too many pages, lol! Sometimes I just want some fluffy and fun to read, so with that in mind I headed off to Barnes & Noble yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I was wandering the romance aisle's new releases hoping for something Christmas-y (don't judge) when I was drawn in by this book's title and cover instead. I visited Alaska in 2012 and really miss it, plus the description on the back of the book really drew me in - Rachel makes a living as a famous wood carver and lives across the lake from Jake, who is secretly a werewolf. They've been watching each other for three years across that lake, but it all comes to a head when Rachel is attacked by a bear in Jake saves her in wolf form. This book started out slowwwly, but picked up in the middle and then had a very rushed ending. Still, I found Rachel and Jake's romance cute and definitely steamy. This is a great read if you love mass market paranormal romance. Evidently it's fifth in a series, the rest of which is probably worth checking out. The werewolf politics in this series seems really well thought out by the author. Thompson seems great at world building, though not moving the novel along at constant speed.

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it's a good story but i think it lacks some twists and more witty lines and funny scenes

Entertaining & sexy

(3.5 stars)

3 stars


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