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Werewolf In Denver (2012)

Werewolf in Denver (2012)
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Werewolf In Denver (2012)
Werewolf In Denver (2012)

About book: I picked up this audiobook since it was on special last month and I have a review copy of the next book, Book #5, Werewolf in Alaska.This was a lovely story of Kate Stillman and Duncan MacDowell, who were are opposite sides of a debate whether werewolves should stick were werewolves for mating or mate with humans. They have come together for a live debate at the first werewolf conference being held at the Stillman Lodge in Denver. Through their back and forth blogging and tweets over the past year, their battle of wits and wills as apparently increased their interests in each other and their mutual respect. Once they are together in the same room, those passions overflow sexually and in a mutually agreed 'what happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin' mentality, they indulge in those interests which leads to far more than either intended.I liked the author's writing style and I think I will be adding this to my Catch Up by Audiobook Experiment since we meet most of the characters from the prior books as well as get a foundation for Jake Hunter who is the hero of Book #5.It was very enjoyable story. Kate Stillman is the leader of HOWL. Duncan MacDowell is the founder of WOOF. These apposing factions of the great debate, should Werewolves share their lives with humans or other Were's alone, go head to head for one weekend in a Denver lodge. The first ever WereCon, is under way with romance on the horizon. This romance is sweet, as usual we don't have a whole lot of standard stupid alpha behavior in this series. Its just a clean, sweet romance. This book read a little different than the others due to the "Sniffing" (I guess werewolf for Tweet). There is a lot of blog talk and online banter. There is also all those things you come to enjoy in VLT's romance books. It really was a fun book so check it out. I am anxious to read the next myself.
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Cute cute cute. I particularly liked the tweets. Really enjoy this series.
I like this series but this book was a little predictable.
Love this series!
Entertaining & sexy
Best of the books.
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