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When You Dare (2011)

When You Dare (2011)

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0373775717 (ISBN13: 9780373775712)
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About book When You Dare (2011)

When You Dare has a riveting, fast-paced story line and terrific characters. Dare is a mercenary who has been hired to rescue his best friend's sister who has been kidnapped by white slave traders and taken to Mexico. When he gets there he also finds Molly who has also been kidnapped. She doesn't look like the other girls that the traders kidnapped and has been treated more deplorably. She has been starved, beaten and tortured while being held separately from the other kidnapped women. Dare rescues both women but is determined to find out why Molly was taken and who ordered her kidnapping.Dare was an amazing man who would stop at nothing to rescue his friend's sister from her kidnappers. When he was working on finding out who wanted Molly kidnapped it was easy to see how capable and ruthless he was. Dare was an amazing man who was so competent that you just have to admire him. Even after Molly went through the agony of being kidnapped, she knew she could trust Dare. Molly was a very brave woman who came through the kidnapping quite well, or so she wants everyone to believe. She actually hides her fears and emotions remaining calm and polite to everyone.This romantic suspense kept my interest so that I didn't want to put it down and read it in one sitting. The suspense will have you on the edge of your seat and the romance is beautifully written. This was a good romantic suspense, aye, this was really good :) Romance, suspense, well that says it.Dare is a good. A really good guy, damn he was so sweet. I just want to hug him.Molly was brave, I would have been a broken crying mess. But then we learn why she has stayed strong before. It's in her.They meet under the worst circumstances as he saves her from hell. So it's not all I love you! No, she is strong but still she has been through hell and he wants to find the assholes who had this done to her. But it's romance too so they grow closer and fall in love, and still he was so sweet. Gotta love himI had heard her books were good and so they were. This was def one of the better romantic suspense books I have read, if not the best.

Do You like book When You Dare (2011)?

Quicky mystery and romance in the same book! Perfect after a few serious books!!

The start of a great series by one of my all time favorite authors.

2.5 stars. Kinda meh. Not terribly suspenseful and kinda boring.

great story. can't wait to read more from this author.

Good read -bit of a plot and romance

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